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Video Projects

Video 1

The original Shelby American crew that developed the iconic prototype “R” Model GT350 have gotten together to build a one-of-a-kind Mustang, the way they would have 50 years ago, if they had the opportunity. The Original Venice Crew (OVC) are back together, Peter Brock, Ted Sutton and Jim Marietta. However, this Mustang is being developed with the IRS rear end, along with some additional design improvements, in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the first competition win of the GT350 at Green Valley Raceway, by Ken Miles.

Video 2

Full Circle Productions Media Reno / Tahoe can help you out with all your Real Estate needs. Video production walk through of house and still photography images. for scheduling a shoot of your listing please call or e-mail us at / 858-220-4012 /

Video 3

ZEAL OPTICS Early days on the Ranch is a promo shot by Full Circle Productons Media in Genoa Valley. We used all the land and ranch to create this short clip.

Video 4

What a Great day!! First test of the Independent Rear Suspension (IRS) GT350R Project Mustang and the Traditional Solid Axle GT350R Project Mustang, built by the “Original Venice Crew” (OVC), Peter Brock, Ted Sutton and Jim Marietta, some of the original Shelby American Employees who worked on the first 1965 GT350 R-Model Shelby Mustang 50 years ago. Rick Titus and his Drivers Talk Radio Team conduct the testing for Mustang Monthly Magazine to determine the unanswered question from 50 years ago, “Is an IRS equipped GT350R faster than a solid axle equipped GT350R”? Rick Titus invites some of the fastest Mustang drivers, including himself, to conduct the tests at Willow Springs International Raceway.

Video 9

Here is a collaboration of Full Circle Productions Media aerial work from 2017

Video 10

ZEAL Optics and Full Circle Productions media teamed up for a Tahoe Lifestyle promo good times!!!

Video 11

A taste of Campo Italian Restaurant in downtown Reno. Your flavor of the week.

Video 12

The 24 Hour of Le Mans remains a car manufacturer’s validation they are the best in the world. In 1966 Ford Motor Company finished 1-2-3 in their Ford GT’s, driven by one of the most successful car manufacturer’s in the world and the fortitude of its leader, Henry Ford II.
But success did not come easily and Ford reached out to their racing partner, Carroll Shelby to conquer the European races. On a cold and drizzly day in December 1964 a banged up and filthy Ford GT sat outside Shelby American on Princeton Avenue in Venice, CA. Shelby had eight weeks to get it ready for Daytona.
It took another year, 1966, for Ford and Shelby American to stage the dramatic 1-2-3 Ford GT 24 Hour of Le Mans finish with the Shelby American Team Ford GT’s in first and second at the checkered flag after a grueling 24 hours. This is the story of some of the Shelby American employees and team crew members who kept the Ford GT’s moving forward at such an astonishing pace.
This video, of the Ken Miles/Denny Hulme Ford GT P/1015, is a tribute to Ken Miles for all of his incredible accomplishments for Shelby American and Ford Motor Company as Ford returns to the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 2016.

Video 13

Paul Martin spent 4 years having his Cobra Daytona Coupe as authentic as possible down to the Karol Kowalski built aluminum body, period correct running gear and every possible authentic detail. The major fabrication and assembly was performed by Nick Acton of Acton Custom Enterprises in New Hampshire. Paul took delivery of his completed Cobra Daytona Coupe in early April 2016 and a date was set for Peter Brock, the designer of the original Cobra Daytona Coupes, Allen Grant, Shelby Team Driver during the 1965 FIA GT Championship, Ted Sutton, who performed fabrication on the first Cobra Daytona Coupe and Jim Marietta, 1964-65 Shelby American mechanic on the 1965 R Model GT350 to view Paul’s Tribute to CSX2300. Paul invited a few of his friends for a wonderful day in Beverly Hills, talking about Cobra Daytona Coupes. Also present for the day was Dave MacDonald’s wife Sherry and their son Rich. Dave MacDonald was one of the most successful Shelby Team drivers and Dave drove the original Cobra Daytona Coupe to its first win in 1964.

Video 14

Xterra Paddleboard Promotional Video

Video 20

Full Circle Productions Media Reno / Tahoe can help you out with all your Real Estate needs. Starting off the New Year with a renewed sense of creativity. Amazing projects in the works, I’m looking forward to a great 2017.. The Tahoe Project is ON.. This clip is from a few days ago on a still photo shoot. Happy New Year! Full Circle Productions Brian Atilio Ferrari

Video 21

Video 22

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